Coda feedback form

By filling giving some us some information about your Coda experiences, you will be helping our project. For example, we can try to re-arrange priorities, and we gain insight into how people are using Coda or why they are not (yet) using Coda.

We asked what should be done on the codalist in the fall , and as a result the coda-howto was produced. Maybe we can again do something useful in response to this feedback form. Thank you for your time.

Privacy information: unless you give us your email, we will not know who filled out the form.

  1. Coda was easy to find
  2. The Coda client was easy to install
  3. The Coda server was easy to install
  4. Coda was installed on Linux, NetBSD, FreeBSD, Windows
  5. It was possible to use the testserver for a first run
  6. It was possible to install and use the Coda server we installed
  7. We explored advanced features such as Disconnected operation, Server Replication, Weak Connectivity
  8. We used Coda seriously after exploring it.
  9. Average Coda clients: CPU speed: , RAM: , Cache used:
  10. Number of clients installed:
  11. About your Coda servers: CPU speed: , RAM: , RVM Data installed:
  12. Describe what could make the Coda distribution more useful to you:
  13. What is your email:

Thanks for your time!

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