Coda File System

New release: 5.0.pre1

From: Peter Braam <>
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 16:25:49 -0500 (EST)
Happy 1999!

I have just uploaded the first 5.0 pre release.  

There are many differences with 4.6:
- an entirely new directory system which removes a really nasty bug that
plagued the servers for years.  

- many improvements to the networking code, in particular, much more
stable computations of bandwidth and retransmission times.

- Coda is now GPL'd - primarily because we want to indicate that we are
really an OSS project.

This is a good moment for maintainers of Debian, Sparc Linux and other
platforms to jump forward.  

We will smooth out some remaining bugs during the next few weeks.  We will
come out with a Windows 95 client next week and an NT server soon, as well
as with the NetBSD/FreeBSD releases.  Windows 95 is hard to build right
now (wait until next week) or read the coda-HOWTO, for BSD you should be

A couple of other points:

- a new Coda HOWTO was written.  Have a look at:
  source in

- We have a bugs list (Jitterbug): please read them and fix them!

- I have made a list of some projects that are falling between the cracks

Have fun, let us know what is good (and bad). 

- Peter -
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