Coda File System

Coda Mailing Lists

If you want to follow the Coda development, you can subscribe to codalist or coda-announce. You can also browse the hypermail archives of these mailing lists.

Mailing list archives

Currently the following mailing lists exist:

Announcements for new versions and other significant events.
Discussion of Coda, help with problems and exchange of ideas.
Development related discussions of Coda.

Joining the discussion

To (un)subscribe send mail, with in the subject the text: (un)subscribe , to:

< name-of-the-list-you-want > -request

The list management software tests whether your address is correct by sending a confirmation email. If you do not get the confirmation email, or an acknowledgement after replying to the confirmation email, send email to jaharkes(at) and I'll check whether you actually got subscribed. Same thing when you are having problems unsubscribing from the lists.

External lists

We also archive some external Coda related lists.

The DarwinCoda project aims to provide the missing bits and pieces to run Coda successfully on Darwin and MacOS X.